Gastronomic Adventures in South America

Yummy! – Food and Drink to Die For.

There are some obvious gastronomic adventures in South America that many people may already have on their bucket list. Peruvian food for example, possibly the best in the world (the French will disagree of course) is world-famous. Argentine Asado might be another. But the fantastic tradition of Curanto in Chiloe is not well known. Extreme wineries in Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia, Distilleries in Central and South America, Craft Beer, Chocolate, and Coffee; there is so much to try and enjoy down here.

Browse the experiences below and let us know which ones you might like to do. We can weave any of these into your tour program, remember everything we do is custom-made. Some of the experiences, such as Chocolate or Craft Beer can be done in a number of countries.

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Peruvian food - maybe the best in the world?

Peruvian Food

Incredibly diverse, attractive, innovative, and very tasty. In our opinion it is the best food in the world (and we really like to travel and eat). Benefiting from one of the most biodiverse environments, and some of the most inventive chefs. Peruvian food is often a work of art, even at modest restaurants or just at home.

Peruvian Food | Lima Foodie Tour

Many Chilean wineries are beautifully built

Chilean Wine

Chile is one of the big wine powerhouses, and delicious stuff it is too! From the Andes to the Pacific, spectacular wineries, very old vines, indigenous grapes, wild vines, “old school” technology, and cutting edge science. Chile has it all.

Wine Tours in Chile

The Argentine Asado is legendary - try to move after this huge BBQ

National Dishes

The Argentine BBQ called Asado is a national icon, and Argentine men bristle with pride at the way they prepare it. Peruvian Ceviche, Curanto from Chile, the Colombian Bandeja Paisa, Salteños from Bolivia, Mexican Mole and Gallo Pinto in Nicaragua….the list goes on. Come and eat your way round Latin America!

Foodie Tours in South America

The Pisco Sour is a national icon in Peru

Iconic Cocktails

The Pisco Sour, Cuba Libre, Caipirinha, Fernet con Coca, Chuflay, Cola de Mono, Chilcano and much more!

Its not just about the great taste of these cocktails, its the experience of drinking them in their home country, and in iconic locations.

Boozy Experiences

Flor de Caña rum from beautiful Nicaragua


Rum, Tequila, Cachaca, Singani, Mezcal, Gin, Aguardiente, Pisco plus other lesser-know fire water.

Some of these you will know, some not. Seeing where and how they are made is a great addition to your tours.

Boozy Experiences

High altitude wineries in Argentina

Extreme Wineries

Highest | Driest | Southernmost.

For wine lovers South America is paradise under “normal” conditions. But visits to the highest wineries in the world in Argentina, plus the driest and the most southerly in Chile will ensure bragging rights back home.

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Craft beer is big in Argentina and Chile

Craft Breweries

Are very popular in Argentina and Chile particularly and some are in spectacular locations in Patagonia for example.

Enjoy an IPA made in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, a Stout from Medellin, Colombia or maybe a Martini Pale Ale in Valparaiso, Chile.

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