Brazil Amazon Jungle – The Lungs of the World

Take a Brazil Amazon cruise from Manaus and enjoy the most abundant flora and fauna on the planet. We offer many options of cruise length and level of luxury, please ask us to quote for your specific needs.

The program below is an idea of the typical activities on a 4-night Brazil Amazon cruise. All the programs are similar but depending on your interests we can pick the best itinerary for you.

Enjoy the comfort and beauty of a Brazil Amazon cruise with us
Enjoy the comfort and beauty of a Brazil Amazon cruise with us

Day 1 | Cruise starts in Manaus

As our Brazil Amazon cruise often starts in the afternoon it gives passengers the chance to fly to Manaus from Rio or Sao Paulo and board the boat the same day. Of course, to make things more relaxed you could arrive in this steamy Amazonian city the day before and check into a hotel for the night prior to your cruise, let us advise you on your specific schedule.

In preparation for sailing at 6 pm, you will board the boat, check-in and enjoy a welcome drink before the captain`s reception, safety briefing, and dinner in the evening. You set sail for Novo Airao overnight.

Macaw clay licks are a great place to see these birds close up
Macaw clay licks are a great place to see these birds close up

Day 2 | Novo Airao and Lago Aracari

This is a full day of wildlife spotting and activities in the jungle. After enjoying the sunrise over the dense rain-forest and breakfast you will be taken by motor launch through some of the small side tributaries to spot wildlife and hopefully the local dolphins. You will visit the oxbow lake at Aracari where you will have the chance to spot other animals and birds at close quarters, plus the chance to fish for Piranhas if you like. The 3 meals of the day are generally served on board unless an excursion means you take a picnic lunch. In the evening you will go out on the river in a small launch to spot alligators.

Day 3 | Rio Puduari and Igurape Aturia

You are up early today and out bird watching before breakfast if you wish. After you have had breakfast on board you will be out in the small boats again, along small tributaries, en-route to the Ilha de Jacare. Wherever you are today you have a chance of viewing wildlife on the river banks and around the lakes, you will be visiting. Make sure your camera memory has enough space as there will be many photo opportunities. While you are having dinner you will sail to Rio Cuieiras.

Day 4 | Rio Cuieiras and Cambebas Community

Wake up at Rio Cuieiras and after enjoying breakfast you will enjoy a series of sightseeing excursions on a small boat. You will be meandering through the small tributaries and spotting wildlife. Later in the day, you will get a chance to visit a native community to see how people dress and work, have the chance to buy some native handicrafts and interact with people who live a very different life from western visitors. You will have the chance to enjoy time relaxing in the sun at a local riverbank beach and have a dip in the river to cool off. In the evening you will enjoy a folklore show over dinner.

Up close and personal with wildlife in the Amazon jungle
Up close and personal with wildlife in the Amazon jungle

Day 5 | Sailing back to Manaus

Today you will be sailing back to the port at Manaus but on the way, you can witness the strange phenomenon of the “meeting of the waters”. This is the confluence of the Negro River, which has a dark, almost black colored, current, and the sandy-colored upper Amazon or Solimões River. For 6 km (3.7 miles) the two river’s waters run side by side without mixing, creating the strange river stripes. This phenomenon is due to the differences in water temperature, speed and river flow and the water density of the two rivers. The Rio Negro runs at nearly 2 km per hour and has a temperature of around 28°C, while the Rio Solimões flows between 4 and 6 km per hour at a temperature of around 22°C.

After this visit you will be returned to Manaus port and disembark, we will then take you to the airport to bid farewell to Brazil or to connect to another tour, in Peru for example?