Esteros de Ibera – The Everglades of Argentina!
You can easily visit the Amazon Jungle from Cusco

Esteros de Ibera – The Everglades of Argentina! Not many of you will have heard of the Esteros de Ibera region, and that is very understandable. I have been working in Latin American tourism for over 20 years, living between Peru, Chile and Argentina and I hadn’t heard of these huge wetlands until I was […]

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Mendoza versus Salta
trekking in the semi-desert of the Salta region

Visiting Argentina | Mendoza versus Salta We are slightly biased after having lived in Salta for nearly two years but I will try to put that aside to give wine and outdoor adventure lovers a brief overview of both of these great destinations in the Mendoza versus Salta debate. We often have clients with an […]

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National Geographic Top Destination
For many a visit to choquequirao will be a spiritual one

National Geographic Top Destination | Choquequirao Those of us who live and work in Peru know that this spectacular and massively biodiverse country should always feature on the National Geographic top destination list. What is very pleasing is that the ancient site of Choquequirao is highlighted on the 2023 list, rather than all the talk […]

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Panama Canal Transit Tour
Panama canal transit tour

Panama Canal | Full or Partial Transit? Should you do the Panama Canal transit tour while you are in Panama? The answer is most definitely yes, but do you take the full or partial transit route? Sailing through this impressive, world-famous feat of engineering can be programmed into a day spent in the capital of […]

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Nazca Lines and Water Holes!
A flight over the Nazca Lines is one of the most spectacular things you can do in Peru

Nazca Lines and Water Holes! These days less people make it as far as the actual town of Nazca on their Peru tours because you can now fly over the Nazca Lines from Ica, which is two and a half hours (each way) closer to Lima. Yet, for those who can make the extra effort and have […]

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