Blending the Great Outdoors with Wine Paradise!

Chile is incredibly diverse, has so much to offer, and is truly a world-class tourism destination in terms of service and infrastructure. We often have clients visiting highlights such as Patagonia, Easter Island, and San Pedro de Atacama (not in 2020 obviously) but now there is another aspect that is increasingly attractive to visitors. Wine tourism.

Add as many days as you like, change the order of the regional visits, drop something, add something? As every region visited from Santiago can be viewed as a stand-alone module you can add and subtract as you wish and let us deal with the logistics of blending in wine-related visits.

We actually have a whole website dedicated to wine tourism and, as we have been living in Chile for the last year, have been adding to our wine tour portfolio. For me, the absolutely ideal trip to Chile would combine the great outdoors with some beautiful wineries. Imagine a few days in the Atacama, the driest desert in the world, with its salt lakes and geysers, some day hikes in breathtaking Torres del Paine, a couple of days exploring the huge stone heads of Easter Island plus 2 or 3 days exploring and sipping in wine country. Does it get any better?

Santiago is the hub for traveling within Chile, and when you arrive from overseas you will arrive in the capital. We suggest you spend 2 or 3 nights in Santiago to rest from your long flight and visit the city. So, in this first period, you could blend in some winery visits, either in Maipo or Casablanca with a city tour and Valparaiso.

Then whether you travel north, south, or west from Santiago you will have to come back through the same airport and could fit in some other wine-related visits. Below we give you an overview of what you might do if you had the time (and the money) of course:

  1. Arrival in Santiago, introductory wine tasting and dinner
  2. Santiago half day city tour and Valparaiso in the afternoon
  3. Full day at wineries in Casablanca with lunch at one of them
  4. Fly to Calama and transfer to San Pedro de Atacama
  5. Full day in San Pedro de Atacama
  6. Full day in San Pedro de Atacama
  7. Fly Calama to Santiago and connect to Easter Island
  8. Full day exploring the Moai of Easter Island
  9. Full day exploring the Moai of Easter Island
  10. Fly back to Santiago, overnight in the capital
  11. Full day for winery visits in Maipo and Pirque
  12. Fly to Patagonia and transfer to Torres del Paine
  13. The next few days are spent exploring Torres del Paine

After your last day in Patagonia (in the schedule above) you could spend a little more time in Santiago or connect directly to your flight home. Browse the wine destinations on our wine site and let us know which ones you like, any and all can be added according to the time open to you. But remember that while Maipo, Pirque, Casablanca, San Antonio plus Aconcagua can be visited on day trips from the capital, other regions further south or north such as Colchagua, Maule, or Elqui will need you to add overnights in those locations. Stay on the vineyards themselves perhaps? There is nothing better in our opinion.

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