Cusco to the Amazon
Enjoy the comfort and beauty of a Brazil Amazon cruise with us

Road trip from Cusco to the Amazon My wife Malka, and many other Peruvians for that matter, had always been at pains to tell me the horror stories that were produced by the drive from Cusco to the Amazon, or more accurately, Puerto Maldonado not so many years ago before the latest road was built. […]

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Caral – New and very old!
Great overhead shot of Caral in the Peruvian desert

Visit 5000-year-old Caral from Lima. It will take you an hour just to get clear of the urban sprawl of Lima on your way to Caral, along the Panamerican Highway heading north. The journey out of Lima is an adventure in itself as you see the true hustle and bustle of Lima playing out amidst the […]

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Peruvian Amazon Comfort
You can easily visit the Amazon Jungle from Cusco

Hardcore adventure seekers would say that if you are not suffering and enduring uncomfortable sleeping arrangements then you are not having an adventure, we disagree. There may be locations where such a sacrifice is necessary for a proper adventure – but there are many places where it is not! Take the Amazon jungle for example. […]

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