Hardcore adventure seekers would say that if you are not suffering and enduring uncomfortable sleeping arrangements then you are not having an adventure, we disagree. There may be locations where such a sacrifice is necessary for a proper adventure – but there are many places where it is not!

Take the Amazon jungle for example. A true Amazon adventure can be enjoyed without having to bivouac in mosquito nets among the termites and snakes. Travel many hours by small motorized canoe to very remote locations, push yourself out of your comfort zone each day, both mentally and physically, in an isolated, truly pristine jungle, but then come back to comfort, great food and informative lectures in the evening. That is our kind of adventure (of course mosquito nets are still absolutely necessary).

This is the new suite at TRC – touch of class deep in the Amazon

The Tambopata Research Center really hits the spot. TRC as we know it has always been a cutting-edge research lodge in the Peruvian Amazon but the last 18 months or so have seen a major investment to make TRC much more comfortable than before while maintaining its true adventurous character.

TRC is some 7 hours by boat upriver from Puerto Maldonado in Peru. The lodge is located in pristine forest, within a national reserve and is, therefore, a paradise of plant, animal, bird and insect life. Researchers come from all over the world to study wildlife here, and the largest Macaw clay lick in the world is found close to the lodge.

As a visitor, you will experience what it is like to be very isolated, maybe more isolated than you have ever been before. Farms and settlements are left far behind as you wind your way upriver towards the foothills of the Andes. There are places where the boatmen have to punt the boat over shallow areas of the river, carefully navigate rapids, the journey itself is an adventure.

But when you arrive at the lodge you instantly know you will be comfortable here. No matter how tired and sweaty you are when you arrive back from a jungle trek or birdwatching, you have a hot shower and comfy bed waiting for you. TRC have improved their meal services, so that high quality, delicious local dishes await, a bar, a library, table games, massage tables, hammocks, activities of all kinds for you to choose from – and very nice rooms and suites.

You do not have to suffer to have an adventure. You may well see a jaguar or other large mammals, monkeys are extremely common here, night walks yield insects, spiders and scorpions, cayman and otters in the river and ox-bow lakes. There is so much to see and do. Then shower, enjoy a great meal and a bottle of wine surrounded by primary rainforest.

Again, this is our sort of adventure and many of you will say the same thing and be thrilled by the TRC experience.

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