Maca, Quinoa, and Kiwicha
The beautiful Kiwicha plant growing in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Maca, Quinoa, and Kiwicha We are talking about seriously nutritious food, and it’s a fact that some of the world’s most nutritious food comes from the Peruvian highlands. To explain a little about them first you have to understand where they grow. Here in Cusco, Peru we live at a very high altitude.  In fact, […]

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Guinea Pig on a Stick!

Guinea Pig on a Stick! “Guinea Pig on a stick?”, we hear you shout. “You can’t do that, they are family pets!”. Here in Peru, they are not pets, and yes you can! They are a part of the highland diet, with various interesting preparation styles, some of which might upset the non-carnivorous amongst you. […]

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