The Carretera Austral
The stunning Carretera Austral in Chile

True Wilderness Experience on Chile´s Southern Highway You don’t have to rent a camper van like the one you see above, there are other ways to enjoy one of the most scenic and unspoilt wilderness regions in the world without giving up your jobs and becoming a digital nomad. Here we will give you a […]

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Patagonia Interrupted!
Explora Patagonia - the great outdoors and comfort go hand in hand

Patagonia tours and Southern Road Trips In 2016 we drove from Lima to Torres del Paine, enjoying a spectacular 3-month,13,000 km road trip to a Mecca for Patagonia tours. On the 10th of February 2020, we crossed the Peru – Chile border with the same plan in mind. Covid meant that we didn’t get there, […]

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Beautiful Chile – Post Covid Hope!
The slopes of Easter Island are littered with huge heads and figures

Let´s Get Excited Again… During the next few weeks as vaccinations continue to be delivered travel restrictions should start to ease here in Chile, and also in other parts of South America where we work, and a light will appear at the end of the dark travel tunnel. The video below is a work of […]

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A True Explosion of Street Art!
There are many old-school funicular railways in Valparaiso

Day Trip to Valparaiso A day trip to Valparaiso is a great thing to do if you have time whilst touring Chile. Located just over 100 km from the capital this colorful port city is an easy visit from Santiago, maybe even stay overnight to further sample the bohemian nightlife, Chilean cuisine, and wine. There […]

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